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FREE #SYRIA EVENT! Film: Zabad by Reem Ali

Reem Ali’s ‘Zabad’ is a beautiful documentary and a searing critique of everyday repression under the Syrian regime. Banned in Syria, the film tells the story of a married Syrian couple, agonising over emigrating from the country. They are the daily carers of the wife’s schizophrenic brother (the narrator of the film), and they cannot bear to leave. 

Syrian Director Reem Ali will be present for a Q+A following the film screening. 

This is a free, non-ticketed event, so please be sure to arrive early!



Black Stone (Al-Hajar Al-Aswad) - March 15 @Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Doxbox, Syria’s only independent documentary film festival, is coming to Edinburgh.
In light of the ongoing repression in Syria, Doxbox is taking place in exile around the world, screening Syrian documentaries to mark the first anniversary of the start of the uprising in Syria.

The film Black Stone is a touching portrait of a district on the fringe of Damascus. To help their families, four children collect scrap metal for resale. Their wanderings through the city give them great delight and a chance to dream.

Following the film we will present a panel discussion on the role of creative resistance in light of the current events in Syria.

This film was brought to Filmhouse in collaboration with Reel Festivals and the Edinburgh University Middle Eastern Society. Come to show solidarity, share ideas and most importantly see a unique film about real life in Syria.




An interview with actor and director Reem Ali from a Reel Festival in 2011. Reem will be back for Reel Syria 2012!



DOX BOX GLOBAL DAY SCREENINGS - March 15, 2012, 3.25pm

From the Frontline Club:

DOX BOX Global day is an initiative to keep alive an annual film festival in Syria during a year when it is unable to take place in the country.

The first non-profit and open-to-public creative documentary film festival in Syria, DOX BOX started as an initiative of independent filmmakers, back in 2007. It runs annually in Damascus, Tartous and Homs during the first two weeks of March and tours in other Arab cities as part of a Pan-Arab Cultural Network.

The main mission of DOX BOX is to bring together the Arab and international filmmaking community and showcase some of the world’s best creative documentaries in a friendly and dynamic environment. 

As DOX BOX is unable to complete this mission due to the events taking place in Syria, DOX BOX Global day is an initiative to keep the festival alive by hosting a screening night. Taking place on 15 March, it marks not only what would be the closing night of the fifth DOX BOX but also the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Syria. 
The Frontline Club, in association with Reel Festivals, will be holding a screening night showingcasing two works from the late Syrian Filmmaker Omar Amiralay who is considered one of the most prominent Arab World documentary filmmakers.
Born in Damascus in 1944, Amiralay began to make documentary films in 1968 when the student revolts in Paris erupted. He returned to Damascus to instigate a new documentary cinema in 1970 and between then and 2003 he made some eighteen documentaries all of which were shown and awarded in International Film Festivals.